Decorative and functional accessories to complete your landscaping design.

Kerbs, edgings and walling provide both functional boundaries and decorative features. Browse our range for inspiration to complete your landscaping design.


* Delivered price is postcode dependent


Clearance Paving offer a great selection of affordable kerbs, edgings and walling accessories delivered direct to your door.

Kerbs and edgings provide two basic functions. Firstly they allow for an attractive delineation between paved areas and other spaces within the design to create distinct areas or zones.  
Secondly they are an essential tool in containing your paving to ensure it doesn’t ‘spread’ outwards over time. This is particularly important for driveways and trafficked areas where failure to provide a proper edging could lead to problems over time.

Garden walling and coping stones can give your garden height, or divide spaces within your garden.

Manufactured in colours and textures that complement the ranges of paving products, they are perfect for adding the finishing touch to your landscaping design.