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How to make the most of your small outside space…

Having a small garden doesn’t mean you have to miss out on hosting all those family BBQ’s this summer. As the fine weather continues, follow these few helpful tips to enhance your small-scale space & make the most of the summer (while it lasts!)…

It’s easier than you think to fool your guests into thinking you have a spacious garden. Height can be an important factor when trying to draw attention away from your teeny plot. Using fences and climbers to plant your beautiful flowers helps make the garden feel less cluttered and therefore, focuses the eye upward. No one will notice the dimensions of your garden when they’ve got an eyeful of luscious roses!

Mirrors are also super helpful; instantly making a garden appear double, even triple, its size. They increase the amount of light the garden can get as well. Winner winner.

Keep it light. Painting external walls and fences white (or neutral) gives the same effect as they would indoors with its brightening and lightening properties.

The same applies to the patio slabs or stones you choose. Choose a light colour for your paving to give the illusion of a bigger area. You can use the filters on our website to decipher the colour scheme you prefer. Whether your garden is big or small, can help you make the most of your outdoor space!