Concrete Paving Slabs are pleased to offer a great selection of discontinued, trial, and specially available products at cheap, discount prices.

Concrete paving slabs have been a popular paving option for many years and offer an engineered alternative to natural stone paving. Today there is an enormous range of colours and shapes available from many well known manufacturers which will suit almost any budget or location.

We offer product in two generic pack formations:

Single Size - In this option all of the flags are the same size. These work well for creating more contemporary designs.

Patio Packs - In this option flags with different plan sizes are supplied in the same pack to create a more interesting traditional patio.

The flags themselves come in three main styles:

Smooth – these are usually the cheapest option and provide a functional, hard wearing surface which is ideal for utility applications. Whilst not the ideal option for decorative applications such as patio’s it does offer a highly cost effective solution to the user.

Textured – here the surface of the flag has undergone additional finishing by the manufacturer to improve its surface appearance. This typically involves either shotblasting the slabs to expose the aggregates used in their manufacture or polishing to a smooth finish which can create some beautiful finishes.

Riven – in this instance the face of the concrete paving slabs has been given an enhanced surface appearance to replicate the appearance of other materials such as natural stone, cobbles, setts or clay bricks. This means that there is a huge range of product shapes, colours and thicknesses available to the user to suit their design and budget.

We are able to offer cheap concrete paving slabs as they are discontinued, trial or specially available products that are perfect for customers looking for a great deal.

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