Frequently Asked Questions

Are Clearance Paving products defective or classed as seconds?

All Clearance Paving products are either discontinued, end-of-line, excess stock, aged, trial batches, outside of manufacturer's tolerances or slightly damaged. We will always provide clear information as to the reason we are offering the product(s) at a reduced price along with images to illustrate any issues.

Can I request a sample of the product or visit your stockyard?

In order to minimise costs and keep the selling price as low as possible for you Clearance Paving do not offer a sample service for these items. We always endeavour to provide as much information as possible and therefore your decision to proceed with an order has to be made on the description in the listing.

Our stock yards can be dangerous places to be (without the correct training and safety equipment) what with forklift and heavy goods vehicles moving around, therefore as a responsible supplier, we are unable to permit the general public to visit our sites.

How close to the actual colour of the product is the photograph?

Wherever possible we try to use images of the actual product you will receive, however sometimes we may use a marketing image to better illustrate the product and the overall effect you may be able to achieve. The photographs are as close to the actual product as digital photography and monitors will allow.

Will you be selling any more of the product you are listing?

When It's Gone, It's Gone! Because of the nature of our products all our stock does have a limited supply, therefore if you see something you like don't leave it too long if you want to order.

Can I speak to someone for advice on payments, delivery, and products?

Our helpline (0345 60 42 084) is available Monday to Friday, 9.00am to 5.00pm, or you can email us outside these hours at

Does the final price include VAT?

Yes. The price you pay, and this includes VAT at 20% and delivery.

Do you accept cash on delivery?

For security reasons our drivers are unable to accept cash payments. Payment is required before delivery and can be processed.

When can I expect delivery?

Once you have placed your order online you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a delivery date stated (within 8 working days). If this is not convenient please contact us and we will try to arrange something to suit you. We will agree a day but are not able to give a specific time. All deliveries are made between 8:00am and 5:00pm on a specified day, and we request our drivers call you 1 hr before arrival to give you some warning. Someone has to be at the address we are making a delivery to, to check and sign off for receipt of your item. If you want to rearrange a delivery date, we need at least 48 hours notice otherwise charges may apply.

I can’t accept delivery on the date originally agreed, can I delay?

We understand that from time to time problems arise and schedules may need to be re-worked. Provided we have a minimum 48 hours notice we can usually work round this. Please note, failure to give notice of any problems in accepting delivery may result in additional charges.

Can you deliver to two different addresses?

Provided the addresses are within a 20 mile radius we can deliver for an additional payment of £60.00 (inc. VAT). Delivery to the second address will be made via the same vehicle on the same day. Please note, our contract will remain exclusively with the original purchaser and not with any third parties.

How far will the crane on your delivery vehicle reach?

This varies, but typically a crane can reach 2.8 metres (8ft) from the bed of the trailer. Please note, we will not lift over any fences / walls / hedges / vehicles / motorbikes which may be in the way. The reach of the crane arm may also be inhibited by obstacles such as tree branches, hedges, overhead cables etc.

Can the pallets be double stacked?

Provided the surface is a level hard standing which can be accessed via our cranes. Some of our product packs can weigh over 1.3 tonnes, please bear this in mind when selecting an area to off-load on to.

Our drivers are fully trained and aware of health and safety issues, if they believe there is a risk to either person(s) or property they reserve the right to refuse to off-load.

What types of vehicles do you use to deliver?

Dependant on the size of the order we will typically use a courier to provide a kerb side delivery. In this instance the driver will lower the pallet(s) to the ground using a tail lift and will then manoeuvre the pallet(s) as close to your property as possible. Please be aware the driver may be restricted by areas such as gravel drives, soft grass areas and steep inclines / declines.

For larger orders we use an articulated lorry which is 40-60ft in length with a mounted crane. These vehicles can weigh as much as 44 tonnes when fully laden.

Vehicles need clearance when parked up for off loading on level ground. We must be able to access and leave the property safely and without causing obstruction to the public highway. We cannot turn and make contact with any private property belonging to other persons other than the accepting party. Always contact us prior to making a bid for an item to clarify.

We do also have access to ‘wagon and drag’ or moffet (rear mounted separate forklift) vehicles if there are access issues. Please note, there may be an additional charge and increased delivery time should you require one of these.

Please note, it is the purchasers responsibility to inform of any obstructions such as narrow roads, steep inclines, traffic weight / height / width restrictions. In the instance of us delivering your order using an articulated lorry we should also be made aware of any overhanging trees, telephone / power cables which may inhibit the vehicles crane arm. cannot be held liable for damage to property during accessing, offloading or alighting the property. The accepting party, or an authorised adult, needs to be present at all times during delivery. Any damage caused and not disclosed whilst the driver is on site will not be followed up. We reserve the right to charge for an aborted delivery if your property does not have appropriate access or if you are unable to take delivery on the agreed date.

Cancellations and Returns

Here at we want you to be delighted with your purchase. Occasionally though, we know you may want to return items. Please take a moment to familiarise yourself with our Returns Policy below.

Before Delivery

In the unlikely event you should wish to cancel your order, please contact us in the first instance by email to

If you are cancelling before your order has been delivered we will be able to provide a full refund provided the goods have not left our depot. It should be noted that due to our nationwide delivery capabilities, goods may be despatched up to 48 hours before arrival with you. We would therefore request that we are notified of any cancellations at least 48 hours before your expected delivery date.

After Delivery

You may also cancel your order, for whatever reason, up to seven working days after receipt of your order. The period of seven working days begins on the first day after the day you receive your goods (not including weekends or bank holidays).

The cancellation of your order must be notified in writing to and acceptance of your cancellation will be subject to the following conditions:

1. The goods must be unused.

2. The goods must be returned or made available for collection.

3. The buyer will be responsible for the direct costs associated with the return or collection of the goods.

4. The buyer must ensure the goods are packaged adequately to protect from damage and allow for safe transportation of the goods. This is a contract term.

5. In consideration to Health & Safety concerns will be unable to accept return of any packs of blocks or slabs where statutory duty of reasonable care has not been taken and the goods considered unstable to transport back to our depots.

You will receive a full refund of the price paid, less any applicable collection charges, within 30 days of receiving your cancellation notice in writing. Please be aware collection charges can often be higher than initial delivery charges. We will always advise you before collection the direct haulage costs associated with the return of the goods.

Damaged Items makes every effort to ensure your order arrives in one piece. If however the product you purchase is damaged or faulty, we may offer an exchange or refund in accordance with your legal rights.

Due to the nature of our business we do have limited quantities of stock. If we have depleted our stocks we may offer an alternative product or refund.

When your delivery arrives we would ask you inspect the items before signing.  Please indicate any damage details on the ticket you sign, this will make it easier for us to organise replacements. Additionally, please contact us at confirming damage details and where possible include photographs to ensure the matter is dealt with promptly.

In compliance with Health & Safety regulations, the return of any damaged goods which have been opened and considered unstable to transport may not be possible. In this instance we may ask that you dispose of the items. will be unable to replace any damaged items which have been installed.

For further information on damaged items please see our Terms & Conditions.