Do I Need Planning Permission?

Why might I need planning permission?

Generally building a new patio or installing paving around your house doesn't require planning permission.

However, on the 1st October 2008, the Government introduced new legislation to control people paving over front gardens in such a way that allows surface water to run off the property into the street and directly into the public drainage system.

The joint effect of thousands of front gardens being paved has added to the cause of recent dramatic floods across the UK as the current public drain systems were never designed to cope with so much.

The main implication of this new legislation is that home owners must request planning permission for certain front garden improvements. have therefore put together this quick guide to explain ways in which you can improve your property’s outdoor space without having to apply for driveway planning permission or garden planning permission:

Option 1 – Install the paving with a soak away or open ground run off area within the boundaries of the property.

Option 2 – Create the drive using Gravel which will look great and allow water to drain down into the surface.

Option 3 – Use Permeable Paving - please note that using permeable paving does require a different type of construction.

Option 4 – Obtain Planning Permission for Paving over 5sqm that cannot make sufficient allowances for water run off. 

Which option is best?

The best option depends on your particular property layout and fall towards the road. Virtually any driveway can be designed well enough using  a soak away as per Option 1 - but to be sure speak to an expert.

Most installers are now informed about the legislation changes and can advise on the specifics of your property.