Patio & Driveway Calculator

When you're starting to design your garden patio area, there is important information that you need to know. For example:

Paving area calculator
  • What is the area of my patio?
  • How many slabs will I need?
  • What materials do I need?
  • What quantity of the materials do I need?

Whatever the idea for your patio area is, we want to try and help you achieve that. So we have created the calculators below in order for you to work out some of this information.

Paving Area Calculator

The first piece of information you're going to need to know is the area of your patio or driveway, this way you will know how many packs you will need to purchase. Usually the places you buy your paving from will show their pack coverage in metres squared (m²)

In order to work out your area, you can use our paving area Paving area example drawingcalculator below. You will need to measure the length and width of your patio and enter these details, this will then give you a 'square metre' result.

Irregular shaped patio?

Not all patios are a simple rectangle or square shape, you may have an L-shaped patio, or a U-shaped patio, and the best way to work these areas out is by breaking them up into rectangular or square areas and adding the numbers together to obtain a total area.


Sub base Calculator

With any patio and driveway installation, getting the foundation right is an integral part of the project to ensure it lasts.

Paving cross section

The sub base will take the load of the paving and any traffic going across it, so it needs to be well designed. The minimum depth for any patio, footpath or driveway should be 150mm.

The sub base calculator below will give you an indication of how many tonnes of material you will need for your required area (m²) and depth (mm).


Slab Calculator

If the design you are planning uses a single sized paving slab, for example a 600mm x 600mm slab, then you can use our slab calculator to work out how many slabs you would need to cover your area.

All our garden paving products will show how many slabs are in each pack, so you can easily calculate the number of packs you will need to purchase.

If you need any help with using these calculators, or have any other questions about our products or your installation, then please get in touch by using the details located on our contact us page.

Don't forget to check out our 'Guides & FAQ's' section where you can find further details on installing concrete paving slabs and concrete block paving, along with other information that you might find useful.

Paving Area Calculator

Use our paving area calculator to see what coverage you will require for your patio or driveway.

Enter the width of your patio/driveway:
metres (m)
Enter the length of your patio/driveway:
metres (m)

Sub-Base Calculator

Use the calculator below to work out how much sub-base - usually MOT Type1 - you will require for your patio or driveway area.

Enter the total area of your patio/driveway:
square metres (m²)
Enter the preferred depth of the sub-base (further information above):
millimetres (mm)

Slab Calculator

Use this calculator to work out how many slabs you would need for your patio.

Enter the width of your patio:
metres (m)
Enter the length of your patio:
metres (m)
Select the size of the slab you are using:

Convert from Feet to Metres

Use this convertor calculator if your measurements are in feet.

feet (ft)