About Us

Clearance Paving are one of the leading suppliers of current and discontinued paving products. We have built up our business specifically for the sale of discontinued, trial and slightly damaged garden and driveway paving sourced from leading UK manufacturers and merchants direct to the customer.

We are also the main Brett brand outlet, providing discounts on their major block paving and patio slab ranges.

We are able to do this because we operate in a market that is driven by changing trends and consumer demand which manufacturers react to by changing their paving ranges annually to keep up with the latest garden landscaping trends. 

The result of these changes is that at the end of each season, manufacturers and retailers are always left with surplus stock.  This is where Clearance Paving comes in, as we buy up this stock of garden paving, garden walling, concrete paving slabs, natural stone paving, concrete block paving and more.

Once you’ve purchased your materials all you need to do is find someone to install them - unless you plan to go down the DIY route. If you do, we can help with our useful 'How to…' guides which are available on our website.

If you are looking for driveway paving then check out our section on planning permission to find the best way to improve your garden or driveway.  In this way you can ensure that you comply with the current regulations which limit the use of impermeable paving materials on driveways.


Customer Service

Our friendly customer services department will be delighted to help you with any queries you may have regarding paving products or your order status.

We try to ensure the lowest price possible when you place your order and we don’t try to hide the cost of delivery in your order.

We also have new driveway and garden paving products arriving daily, so if you don’t see anything you like today, let us know the type of products you are looking for and we will see if we can source it on your behalf.

Our Customer Service department is open Monday - Friday 8:30am-5pm.

Email: enquiries@clearancepaving.co.uk  or Tel: 0345 60 42 084


Our Service Charter

To ensure you let your friends and family know how easy we are to buy from, and what great value you get from our discount paving products, we operate according to a strict Service Charter to ensure you receive your order on time and as you expect it.

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Protecting Our Environment

When you choose to buy your concrete flag, block or natural stone paving from Clearance Paving you are not only saving money – you are also helping to save the environment.  This is because we only source product from leading manufacturers who have robust environmental policies in place.

Additionally, where we sell imported natural stone products we ensure that they are only sourced from companies who have a robust ethical trading policy which helps to ensure that the local stone workers are covered by the ETI Base Code.


Reducing Emissions from Road Haulage

We also make every effort to ensure we choose the right haulers that operate efficiently, and regularly discuss with them what they are doing to reduce their Carbon Footprint.

So, the big difference is that because we mainly source end of line materials, we are able to offer them at a significant reduction from their original price.  The result is that you, as the customer, are able to help reduce the environmental impact of your paving as well as the amount you pay.


The Ethical Trading Policy

We actively monitor all of our supply chains with a view to ensuring that our suppliers are aware of and working towards applying the ETI Base Code to their own suppliers to provide a moral code for the treatment of workers across the World.

Within own supply chains we pay particular attention to those areas we consider to present the highest risk of non-conformity with this Base Code. It is for this reason we are working with the TFT Responsible Stone Programme (RSP) to help improve both working conditions and best manage our environmental impacts. TFT works closely with its members to ensure that sites within their supply chains meet the RSP Guidelines. These Guidelines require sites to ensure that:

  • Child labour is not used
  • There is no forced and bonded labour
  • Ethical recruitment practices are used 
  • The health and safety of workers is protected
  • Employment contracts are provided to all workers
  • Wages meet minimum requirements or national norms as a minimum
  • Working hours meet legal requirements and are not excessive
  • The company respects diversity within its workforce
  • Harassment and abuse are not tolerated
  • There is clear and readily accessible access to remedy
  • Accommodation is safe and hygienic
  • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining is respected